Bulk and Special Ordering!
You may order custard in larger quantities for personal or commercial needs. If you're ordering from a location within St. Louis, Missouri you may simply phone or fax your order in. Should you choose to fax the order in, please consider our Fax Order Guidelines which can be found below.

However, if you're ordering from a location outside St. Louis, Missouri your order will require overnight delivery. Please note the important information regarding Overnight UPS Orders below.

Your ordering options are as follows:

1. By telephone at (314) 481-2124.
2. By Fax at (314) 481-4241.


1. Fax orders should be larger than 10 items.
2. Please call to verify that we received the order.
3. Please call to check how soon can have the order ready for you.
4. Please do not fax an order and leave to pick it up as we may not be able to complete the order immediately.
5. Always leave a return telephone number so that we can contact you if there are problems.